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Heavy duty construction

HPF – High Pressure Fusion Process

Rigid Plank is manufactured using our proprietary High Pressure Hot Fusion Process. This proprietary process is the gold standard for rigid core production. The planks are pressed under high pressure and temperature activating the fusion layers which fuses the quantum core, decorative film and surface wear layer into one solid component. The planks are then water cooled in a annealing line to perfectly balance the planks to prevent warping.

Under this process the top layers can never be separated from the core  under any conditions. This method, even though the most expensive, was chosen  to ensure Rigid plank can handle the extreme temperature swings of the harsh Australian Climate. This process is capital intensive and requires huge investments in factory space and equipment and can only be produced by the largest and most successful  factories with decades of experience in vinyl floor chemistry and production.



4 x Colour Film Print Process

Very detailed grain structures with close to photo realism print.

Glue lamination process

6mm Aluminium Ends in Silver and Champagne