Where can you purchase Rigid Planks?

Rigid Planks can be purchased throughout most flooring stores around the country. You can view our ‘Where To Buy’ store locator here.

How many colours in the range?

Rigid Plank 1500 series, has 12 colours.  Every plank is hand selected to give you the most beautiful colours and grain structures that combine to recreate the perfect timber floor.


Is Rigid Plank waterproof?

Yes, Rigid Plank is a 100% waterproof moppable surface – dry or wet maintenance is perfectly acceptable, the choice is yours

How does it cope with high and low temperatures?

Rigid Plank is resistant to fluctuation of Australia’s harsh climate. Able to withstand direct heat, extreme cold and with the lowest expansion rate

Is there any gapping in the floor?

Rigid Planks floors will have no gapping and will not need any internal expansion joints.

Do Rigid Plank floors come with matching accessories?

Yes, Rigid Planks does come with a contemporary matching click stair nosing.

How has the Rigid Plank been constructed?

Rigid Plank has a Quantum Core Limestone/PVC Composite core which provides outstanding impact resistance and durability. This unique formula enhances in rigid strength under all temperatures whilst providing minimal expansion and contraction.

Do the Rigid Plank floors need underlay?

No underlay is need as every plank has a IXPE pre-adhered underlay. Beats the BCA (Building Code of Australia) minimum standard by 30%. Achieves 42 L’nTw Test Results.

What are the specs for the Rigid Plank floors?

Size: 1524mm x 177.8mm

Thickness: 6mm

Wear Layer: 0.55mm

Surface: Polyurethane

Finish: Matt

Slip Resistance: R10-P3

Area per carton: 1.625m2

Pieces per carton: 6

Guarantee: 25 year Residential & 10 year Light Commercial Wear Guarantee.

How does Rigid Plank hold up against high heels?

Rigid Plank has an extremely dense core which will resist indentation from high heel shoes.

How durable is Rigid Plank flooring with pets?

Rigid Plank is textured with a matt embossed surface and a tough wear layer that is durable making it perfect for pets.

How sound absorbent is Rigid Plank?

Rigid Plank has been acoustically tested with results showing a sound reduction of 30% under BCA (Building code of Australia) making it perfect for apartments.

Installation QUESTIONS

Where can I install my Rigid Plank Floors?

Rigid Plank Floors can be installed on all levels of the home including wet rooms and directly over most existing hard surface subfloors.

Rigid Plank can be installed over concrete, suspended wood subfloors and fully adhered existing resilient floors (without foam or cushion backed).

Do not install over carpet, foam backed vinyl flooring.

• All substrates must be structurally sound, dry, clean and flat with no deflection.

• Substrates must be free from moisture, dirt/dust, adhesive residue, paint, oils, solvents, other foreign matters and contaminants.

• Any unevenness or holes in the floor must be filled and/or levelled with appropriate products.

• Any nails and/or staples must be removed and patched accordingly.
• Rigid Plank must be installed on dry subfloors.
• For concrete floors the moisture content must not exceed 3.5%. For wooden subfloors the moisture content must not exceed 12%.

NB: If any subfloor shows moisture readings above these limits, then an acceptable damp proof membrane/moisture suppression system must be applied.

Can I install my Rigid Plank Floor over floor heating?

Yes, Rigid Plank is compatible with floor heating systems. You should ensure the radiant heat surface temperature doesn’t exceed 85°F (30°C).

How large is the area that Rigid Plank Floor can be installed over before having to use transition strips?

Rigid Plank installation allows up to (30m), in either direction with no unsightly transition moldings needed as long as the flooring can freely move. Make sure to respect the (6mm) expansion space around the perimeters of the room.

Does the subfloor need to be levelled prior to installing Rigid Plank?

Although Rigid Plank, thanks to it rigidity, hides minor subfloor imperfections, the subfloor must be clean and level to (5mm) within a (3m) span.

Does Rigid Plank require an underlay?

When installing Rigid Plank, underlayment is not required because Rigid Plank Sound Insulation Class is already very good with an IIC rating of 66dB (ASTM E492-09).

Does Rigid Plank require a moisture barrier?

Moisture barrier is recommended; however, it is not required. Although this floor is waterproof, it is not aimed to be used as a moisture barrier. The subfloor must be dry (max 2.5% moisture content – CM method). This product is also not to be installed in areas that have a risk of flooding, such as saunas or outdoor areas.

What should be the pH of the concrete slab prior to installation?

If you wish to glue down the flooring to a concrete subfloor, it is recommended to measure the pH level of the concrete prior to installation. A too high alkalinity may cause damage to the adhesives and primers. The ideal condition for most flooring adhesives is an alkalinity-pH level of 9.0pH or less than 9.0pH, at the surface of the concrete BEFORE you install the floor. The exact pH level required is to be determined by the adhesive manufacturer.

Do I need to acclimate my Rigid Plank floor before installation??

Rigid Plank is extremely stable to temperature variations and it is in general not necessary to acclimate, unlike standard laminate or LVT which usually requires to leave your floor in open boxes 24 to 48h in the room you will install before installation.

Can Rigid Plank floors be installed over existing flooring?

Yes, Rigid Plank can be installed over most existing hard surface flooring. The exceptions are laminate, floating floors (not glued down) of any type, loose lay, and perimeter fastened sheet vinyl. These types of flooring should be removed prior to installing Rigid Plank. You can also install over tiles, as long as it is not a floating installation. The existing floors still have to meet the level requirements, which is no more than (5mm) difference in a (3m) span.

Is there a recommended cleaner?

Bona Floor Care System. Includes floor cleaner solution, mop, microfiber cleaning & dusting pad.

Do you have any more questions?